Toulminville-Warren Street
United Methodist Church

2271 St. Stephens Road
Mobile, Al 36617
Phone: (251) 478-1504
Fax: (251) 478-1710

  Since our founding, in 1966, we have been spreading the Gospel of Christ in Mobile, Alabama through our various ministries and outreach.  Through the miracle of technology, the world wide web affords us a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in people's lives.  Our ministries web page helps our members discover the ideal place to find out where to interact and work with other believers in the body of Christ, and our visitors the opportunity to know who and whose we are. 

Please take the time to explore beyond the home page (simply click on any of the above rotating pictures for event details) and learn about our rich history, our worship services, our ministries and our service to the community.  Learn how you and your family can form a relationship with Jesus Christ and discover what salvation is all about.   

Under the anointing of Almighty God, our church offers a unique worship experience of preaching, teaching and music for the entire family.  Visit us often - online and in person.  Make this site your home page. 
We look forward to welcoming you to Toulminville-Warren Street United Methodist Church!